How to Fix readfile Problem on TimThumb

TimThumb is my favorite Auto Generated Thumbnail code, as it is simple to use and work’s great in almost any server. But there are readfile function problems on some servers TimThumb auto resized imaged on the fly, the script developed by Darren Hoyt and Tweak by Ben Gillbanks, The problem that I currently have is readfile function was disabled by Hosting Server […]

How To Display Content for Admin Only

To display specific content for an admin only in WordPress can be done easily, all you need to do is just write an if else statement with the same parameter. In this example I will show you how to display simple stats from WordPress and display it on the front page. Like our previous WordPress tricks, we […]

Adding Custom Buttons to WordPress Editor

I have written about Customize WordPress WYSIWYG Editor, and in this tutorial is another one. I just wanted to edit my WordPress Post-Editor and add come custom buttons for the codes I use most.. so while I was customizing my WordPress I just thought why not share it with my visitors and let them know how […]

How To Customize WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

Did you know that, Customize WordPress WYSIWYG Editor is one of my favorite excellent tricks by WP Engineer, please note this tricks need so many code to be added in functions.php on your theme, so read it carefully and happy explore this tricks. Customizing the function of the buttons in your Editor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 […]

Add Additional Image Sizes to WordPress Themes

WordPress’s media management and automatic image resizing make things really simple for the client. Users don’t have to worry about resizing and compressing images before they upload them. However, when used as a complex CMS system, WordPress’s Thumbnail, Medium, and Large sizes may not be flexible enough. But fret not, your theme can define additional […]

How To Display Twitter counter in Text

Display Twitter Counter in Text is easily in WordPress with PHP code, all need to do just write down some PHP Script in our wordpress theme, we can write it on sidebar.php, footer.php, header.php or whatever we want to put on. This code is similar with our previous tutorial about display FeedBurner counter in text, but we need […]